We carefully select the items included in each Bridea Box and we may change these at any time depending on which fantastic products or services we wont to introduce you to.

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When you buy a Bridea Box please allow 2-5 working days for it to arrive, we cannot be held responsible for any delays or issues with the postal service. Please make sure you give us the correct address details via Paypal so that your Bridea Box gets straight to you.

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The hand-picked businesses that include the wedding samples and products inside your Bridea box may be in touch about their offers and promotions from time to time to help you plan your big day. If you decide to use their services or products or take up any of the amazing offers then you should contact the business directly. Any subsequent contract is between you and the business, not Bridea. We have no control over the businesses and suppliers and the therefore we will not be responsible for any issues that may occur in relation to any products or services. We only select the best wedding businesses to make sure this doesn't happen!

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We deal with the personal information (e.g. name, address, phone number, email) you provide us with in accordance with our Privacy Policy.