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The next batch of Bridea Boxes are nearly ready, please submit your details so that we can notify you when they become available to buy.
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I am so happy I ordered one! I truly feel like a bride to be today! This box of goodies should be ordered by every bride to be...if you are wondering if you should order one....treat yourself!....It will make your day! Even better, surprise a bride to be with this box of ideas and treats to kick start the wedding planning
- Toyah A -
I loved your Bridea Box. Such a unique idea and extremely helpful.
- Becci -
I just got home to my box, fantastic idea, lots of lovely samples and ideas to help with the planning! Thank you ladies x
- Claire -
I got mine Thursday and it's FAB!!
- Jemma -
Yes I loved my Bridea box. It gave me loads of ideas, and I'm now probably going to be ordering loads of extra stuff I wouldn't have even thought of before!”
- Faye -
I love mine too! Was full of so many helpful things! Thanks
- Donna -
I absolutely loved the bridea box... It was a lovely way of adding bits to my 'wedding ideas' file... and has given me plenty of food for thought! Also, because my fella could actually feel and see things instead of just listening to me waffle my ideas, he's shown (a tiny bit) more interest... bonus! I loved the 'I do' shoe decals and the yummy heart candy lollipop...
- Natasha -
I loved the Flip Flops, Shoe Stickers and Natural Confetti, I will definitely be placing an order
- Natalie -
I love this month's Bridea Box lots of great samples and ideas in there!
- Holly -
Loved the Bridea Box! I think having more samples makes it more worthwhile, also it's good to see what the products are like in real if that makes sense.
- Hanna -
I think the box is great, I love it, it's given me many ideas for my wedding
- Sarah -
It was beautifully packaged
- Norma -
I absolutely loved the box, its given me some fantastic ideas for my wedding - and it's such a unique idea. Thanks so much :)
- Jade -
Thank you so much :) I absolutely loved it. Worth every penny. Some fab samples in there and the flip flops fit :D hoorah!!
- Sian -
Loved my box, my favourite is the "team bride" sign x
- Samantha R -
I've just received my box..........LOVE IT!!! First wedding box to actually be worth the money (I've tried several) tons of fab products and ideas! Highly recommend
- Louise -
It's brilliant thank you, I've already recommended the box to two of my friends who are getting married
- Amy -
The box is great by the way xxx
- Stevie -
I got my box today! Oh my goodness it is the sweetest most thoughtful thing ever! It's just such a lovely idea!
- Jordan -
Loving my box of goodies!!
- Lizzie -
I just ordered one, such a fun and innovative idea x x
- Fiona -
Some lovely things in the box for ideas, just received mine this morning
- Tash -
Note from us
We lovingly pack our Bridea Boxes full to the brim of the very best Wedding samples available. You will also discover great tips and amazing wedding offers within the box from businesses you NEED to know about, this is to save you time and money planning your Wedding day. We hope that you love your Bridea Box!
Note from us
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